Go classic with S & D Flooring’s hardwood floor options in Mesquite, TX!

hardwood flooring mesquite tx

Quality hardwood floors are not only aesthetically pleasant, but also add great value to your house. There is hardly another flooring option which can compete with hardwood.

With years of experience in hardwood floor installations, our staff ensures high quality services to all clients. We offer all classic hardwood options to make your house look like an exquisite masterpiece.

From traditional hardwoods, you can find maple, oak, mahogany and cherry hardwood floors with our flooring company. We recommend choosing an option that best matches the room theme.

You can also find a great selection of exotic hardwoods. From Brazilian cherry to bamboo, cedar and teak, you can get any of the exciting wood options to give your house a stunning look!

The clean and finished appearance of hardwood floors is partly responsible for its aesthetic appeal. A properly designed hardwood floor requires experience and complete understanding of the material.

Our technicians are well equipped to work with both classic and specialty hardwood floors. With the right tools and knowledge, there is no Brazilian walnut or maple hardwood floor we cannot install perfectly.

What’s more, we have experience with nail-down flooring, glue-down installation and even floating floors. Nothing is impossible for us! You choose the hardwood floor material and style, and we deliver you best of our services for a high quality flooring installation.

Beautify your house today by calling us at 214-801-9484 for quick and ideal flooring services.