Highly Reliable Hardwood Floor Installation

hardwood flooring rowlett txWhether you are looking to renovate your home or any other commercial space, hardwood flooring comes as one of the most reliable and long lasting options.

At S & D Flooring, we have installed hardwood floors in Rowlett for a wide variety of customers with varying needs. For a small price tag, laminate hardwood flooring allows you to enhance the beauty of your house, boost its marketability and coordinate flooring with practically any contemporary or classic style!

Get in touch with our hardwood floor installation experts today at 214-801-9484and explore these exceptional benefits:

Easier To Clean- Hardwood flooring is significantly easier to clean than carpets. A quick wipe with a brush can leave hardwood flooring shining for days.

Elegant Aesthetics- It is the perfect option to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home which never goes out of style!

Designed For Durability- This flooring option is designed for durability and is finished to standards that make them last for generations!

The Perfect Long Term Investment- Investing in hardwood flooring also plays a key role in making your house look more attractive to prospective buyers. In fact, a flawlessly installed hardwood floor can help add another few thousands of dollars to your asking price.

At S & D Flooring, we are more than just flooring contractors; we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured team of professionals who believe in people before profits!

Over the past years, we have installed hundreds of different hardwood floors and helped clients make the best decisions for the aesthetics of their homes.

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