Avoiding Common Hardwood Flooring Mistakes

When you are in the flooring business, you see a lot of different hardwood flooring mistakes commonly

made by homeowners.Many of them simply lack proper knowledge about hardwood floors.

In this blog post, our hardwood flooring pros shed light on a few mistakes most homeowners make:

Choosing The Wrong Type

Just like every other part of your home requires making the right choice, buying the right flooring material is also important. Different types of floors are going to respond differently to things like foot traffic, furniture, pets, etc.

For example, if you have pets, a harder wood flooring option would be more resistant to scratches. Similarly, if you have made the mistake of installing a glossy finish hardwood floor with the mymarvelousmaids.com in a high foot traffic area, make sure that you cover it with rugs.

Not Considering The Bigger Picture

Hardwood flooring is an element that can really add definition to a room.

However, it is not the only element. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing hardwood floors is not considering connected rooms.

Matching everything like material and finish when looking for uniformity in interior décor is necessary. While the results of this mistake can be less apparent, they can certainly make homeowners take hardwood flooring for granted. At the same time, it can also have a dramatic impact on the resale value of the home.

Considering Waxing Necessary

Traditionally, keeping hardwood floors looking nice meant applying layers and layers of wax and rubbing it in vigorously every now and then.

However, this is no longer necessary. Hardwood floors today are treated with oil based polyurethane which completely eliminates the need to apply wax.

But how could waxing ever be a mistake? Wouldn’t is buff up the polyurethane finish? Actually no. Waxing vigorously will actually damage the polyurethane layer considerably cutting down the life of the surface protectant www.bigcitymaids.com. You will end up looking for finishes more frequently than you would by sticking with simple dusting and cleaning.

Even though it is tempting to wax a hardwood floor, when it comes to modern flooring, go for simple wax-free cleaning solutions.

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