Designing Hardwood Flooring: A Few Tips

Hardwood floorings form an essential part of a luxurious home.

They add exquisiteness and sophistication to your home. If you love hardwood flooring, it makes sense to add a touch of uniqueness to it.

Uncover interesting hardwood floor designing tips if you’re buying new flooring or revamping an existing one:

Utilize Similar Species and Color across All Areas

Using identical color or species across all areas in your home can make it look bigger and consistent.  The lesser color variation there is, the more spacious your home will appear.

Needless to say, this is one of the most crucial reasons why so many homeowners are interested hardwood flooring, particularly for kitchen and entryways. In case you want some kind of variation, you can alter the plank width in some rooms, but make sure the color palette remains consistent.

Opt for Highlighting in A Few Rooms, Based on Your Home’s Layout

It can add class and style to your home if you choose to highlight a few rooms, not all.

For instance, if you’re interested in putting hardwood flooring in your kitchen, you may opt for wider planks and put them diagonally. Doing so can make your kitchen look spacious, while tying old and new wood together (especially if the wooden strips in the kitchen and dining room have different directions). This works really well for rooms that have square-like dimensions.

Opting for chevron or herringbone pattern is also a good idea. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with this one. If the same pattern exists in all rooms, it wouldn’t be special anymore.

Here’s a tip: if you like it modern, go for diagonals and chevron; for people who want a traditional feel, borders and herringbones work best.

Go Ahead with a Satin Finish

One of the most widely used sheen for hardwood flooring is satin finish. They look classy, stylish and clean.

A key reason why people opt for this finish is that it makes dirt and scuffs less noticeable. Moreover, they’re durable and can last longer than other finishes. And if you have a hardwood flooring in high-traffic rooms/areas of your home in LA (such as kitchen and hallways), satin finish is your best pick

It is a good idea to have felt pads for your hardwood flooring as they protect the floor from scratches made by chairs. And in case you own a rolling chair, you definitely need plastic mats.

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