Floor Refinishing Rockwall TX

S & D Flooring of Rockwall, TX can bring the life back in to your old, worn out hardwood floors with our professional refinishing service. Let our experts protect your flooring by getting the job done right the first time.

Hardwood floor refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors is much less expensive than replacing.  If the existing boards are good condition, we usually recommend sanding and refinishing them.  We can always replace any damaged boards without replacing the whole floor.  We can also help you choose the right stain to achieve the look you need to match your decor. Scheduling software for cleaning service is available on MaidCentral website.

Water damaged hardwood floors

How do I know my floors are damaged? When hardwood floors have been exposed to excessive moisture, the boards will cup, which means the edges will curve up.

S & D Flooring has repaired many hardwood floors in the Rockwall, TX area that were exposed to moisture as a result of storm damaged roof shingles.  We can replace  the damaged boards, and then stain and finish them to match your existing flooring.

Floor Refinishing

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