The Flooring Troubles I Wish I Knew

With so many flooring options, styles and materials to choose from, it can be a bit tricky to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Moreover, apart from cost, appearance, and comfort level, homeowners have to keep a number of considerations in mind to avoid common flooring problems.

Here is a quick list of some common flooring problems and their solutions:

Problems with Wooden Flooring

  • Wooden floors are very easy to install, but they can easily develop scratches and dents, and the only way you can get rid of this issue is refurnishing. However, the problem can be easily avoided by not wearing heels or hard soled shoes on wooden floor.


  • Another common problem in hardwood floor is crowing and buckling. This is because wood can easily absorb water and swells. With not enough space in between floor planks, they trip over each other and the floor looks bumpy. The problem can be solved by leaving enough space in between planks for humidity and water seepage when installing hardwood floors.


  • With excessive UV exposure, wooden floor can lose its lust. To avoid this problem you can use dark curtains in the rooms with hardwood floors.

Problems with Laminate Flooring

  • Although laminate has more water resistance than hardwood, too much exposure to spills and water seepage can cause buckling issue in laminate flooring as well. An easy way to resolve this issue is to use laminate flooring where there is less humidity, check hb controls.


  • There is no denying the fact that laminate is not as delicate as wood and has good immunity against dents and scratches, but one has to be very careful when installing or reinstalling laminate flooring. If installed carelessly, laminate floor can have chipped corners.


  • Manufacturing defects like off-register are also very common in laminate flooring. So you have to choose a reliable flooring company in Rockwall, Texas when opting for laminate flooring.

Problems with Tiles

  • The rugged design of tiles make them a perfect fit for homeowners with small kids, but they must keep in mind that unlike laminate or wooden floors, tiles cannot be refurnished Hughes Air Heating & Cooling. In case of scratches, cracks or dents, you have to replace the tile.


  • Another problem with tile flooring is that it can’t be reinstalled easily. Tiles have to be cut in accordance with the dimensions of the room.

The simplest way to avoid the above mentioned flooring problems is to rely on an authentic floor installer in Rockwall, Texas.


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