Hardwood Floor Company Rockwall, TX

S & D Flooring offers quality hardwood floors in Rockwall, TX. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful to look at but they can have a big impact on the interest buyers have in your home.

We carry a wide selection of hardwood materials – everything from exotic hardwoods like Brazilian walnut and rosewood to more traditional selections like maple and oak.

Beautiful hardwood floors to transform your home
  • Oak hardwood floors
  • Maple hardwood floors
  • Mahogany hardwood floors
  • Cherry hardwood floors
  • Exotic hardwoods – Brazilian cherry, bamboo, cedar, teak, etc.
  • Nail-down floors, glue-down floors, floating floors
Hardwood floor general care and maintenance tips
  • Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop your hardwood floors once a week. Be sure to use a brush or felt vacuum head. Preferably, use a wand attachment.
  • Be sure to wipe up spills immediately and not let them sit.
  • Interior and exterior doormats are a great way to collect dirt and moisture so that they aren’t tracked in to the house.
  • We highly recommend using area rugs, especially in front of the kitchen sink. Also, placing them in high-traffic areas with slip-resistant backings will help reduce wear and tear on the hardwood floors. Use moisture absorbent materials when possible.
  • We all love our pets, but they can damage your new floors. Be sure to keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid moving heavy appliances and furniture to prevent surface damage. Use lifts to move items so the items don’t scratch the floor.
  • Use floor protectors under the legs of furniture.
  • Use rubber rollers to replace the hard, plastic type.
  • Window treatments will help block out damaging sun rays to protect your floor.
  • ONLY use products designed for hardwood floors to clean them with. Other products may damage the finish and/or the floors themselves.
  • Avoid walking across your floor in heels or shoes that may have sharp objects in them. Small stones can scratch the floors.
  • Don’t use rubber, or plastic mats as they may trap moisture.
If you are looking for a flooring company for the efficient and quality floors installation services on your property, then S&D Flooring is just the service provider you need. The company provides refinished hardwood floors and ensures flawless installing and refinishing services, to provide you with a charming living space. The company provides you a large selection of hardwood flooring options to choose from to decorate the interior of your home with style. With other competing companies in the industry, S&D Flooring holds the distinction of having provided 10 successful years of service in the sector to its credit.
Quick repair tips for your hardwood floors
Spills and Tracked-in Dirt
  • Clean spot immediately. Dirt left behind can be tracked across the floor, damaging the finish.
  • Use a cleaner designed for hardwood floors.
  • Dry any excess cleaner when finished.
Food, water, animal, grease, rubber marks, lipstick, crayon, ink spots
  • Apply a hardwood floor cleaner to a clean soft cloth.
  • Rub the area to remove the stain.
  • Stubborn stains may require additional cleaning with mineral spirits. Follow up by repeating this process again.
Gum, Candle Wax
  • Fill a plastic bag with ice, and apply bag to the gum or wax.
  • Wait until the gum or wax turns brittle, and it can be gently scraped off.
  • After it has been removed, clean entire area a hardwood floor cleaner on a soft cloth.
Minor Scratches
  • Use a hard wood floor touch up kit.
  • If the area affected is larger, a finish may need to be applied.
Deep Scratches or Gouges
  • Replace the damaged plank.
  • Apply finish as needed.
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