Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New With These Tips

The carpets looked really luxurious once they were done. The floor felt softer and it instantly added a

warm feeling to your home. It was new then, not now.

Now you are sitting on the couch, that red wine stain on carpet looks so bad, but you tried to get it off.

Last night, you let a friend bring his shoes inside only to be surprised by the amount of mud tracked into the carpets. You already got so many chores at hand, setting up the vacuum right now is practically impossible. But, the carpets are gradually losing their looks—and it hurts.

Can you relate to the carpet trouble here?

Keeping your carpets cleaned is not really a challenge. With a few simple tips and most importantly, regular cleaning, you can make sure that you carpets retain their looks at all times:

Get Them Professionally Cleaned Every Year

Even though it sounds obvious, you will surprised to know that many homeowners have not sent over their carpets for a single professional cleaning in the past five years.

Professionals use steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods to completely eliminate bacteria and allergens. On top of that, any tough stains that have been accumulated over the years can be easily cleaned.

Vacuum Every day

Most of the damage to carpets is done due to dust being deposited into them over time. Invest in a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and use the brush option.

Any airborne pollutants, lint, dust and dirt will be quickly extracted from deep carpet fibers. Vacuum takes just a few minutes every day but can considerably increase the life of you carpets and maintain their looks. Here you can find info about Dlouhy Doors Inc..

Clean Spills Immediately

Don’t let that wine spill settle in until tomorrow morning. All sorts of spills should be treated immediately.

Always remember to dab and not rub stains. If you rub aggressively, the stain will almost always settle in deeper, and spread outwards. For a clean and shiny home the best idea is to contact Florida maid service at Use a thick microfiber towel to dab the stain on top. Repeat the process until the stain starts getting weaker and is completely removed.

Occasionally Move Furniture

Consider moving the furniture around once or twice every six months to allow the carpet to breath. Use mats and rugs in high traffic areas to minimize chances of carpet staining and damage.

If your carpets are extremely damaged, we can help. At S & D Flooring, we offer carpet refinishing in Forney, TX to bring your carpets back to life. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment today.

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