Laminate Flooring – How It Can Take Your Home To the Next Level!

Although a relatively new discovery, laminate flooring has come a long way when it comes to popularity. Mimicking some of the best aspects of hardwood, it provides the same look and feel, at a very low cost.

This durable and versatile type of flooring really takes your home’s look and feel to the next level. Read on to find out some of its extraordinary features:

Exciting Colors and Texture

From outstanding copies of hardwood flooring to contemporary designs, laminate flooring has all the incredible designs you can imagine. The creative graining and deep texturing give it an enhanced look. Whether you opt for glossy finishing or matte coating, you will be amazed at the final results. Combining amazing colors and textures, laminate flooring will make your home look absolutely wonderful.

Incredible Aesthetic Value

Whether you want retro styles or contemporary designs, laminate flooring can help you achieve this and a lot more. Its beautifully designed and carefully crafted patterns add aesthetic value to your homes. In fact, some of the most high quality laminate flooring is made by taking digital photographs in high definition and enhancing them to create a design that will look perfect. From planks that look like wood to squares that imitate tiles, laminate flooring can be a real pleasure to the eye.

Remarkable Durability

Made from high quality fibers, laminate flooring is one of the most durable flooring options. The flooring has outstanding resistance to wear and tear, scratches and stains. In fact, it can bear the brunt of the heaviest furniture and still remain sturdy. Moreover, it will not fade in the years to come. Manufacturers generally give a 10-year warranty for laminate flooring.


It is also a great option when considering the aspect of health according to TrueMedical. Resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, this flooring option is ideal if you have kids around the house. Also, as the surface does not absorb dust or stain, it becomes very easy to clean, keeping the place hygienic.

Great for Pets

With laminate flooring, you can have your Fido lying around the house or your feline scampering to get attention. Its easy maintenance and cleaning options make it one of the best flooring choices for pet owners. However, for best results, you must immediately clean spills. Check out Up Town Jungle.
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